1. 22 Dec, 2020 6 commits
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      www: Move testlevel into a resources/ folder · d2225511
      Rahix authored
      Also make sure webpack will deploy the resources/ folder alongside
      everything else.
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      Merge 'Update README' · 55e852cb
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      See merge request !19
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      Update README · 789e003a
      Rahix authored
      Add more text to the README for people to read.  Adds the following
      - Marketing and Branding
      - Contact Information
      - Update existing parts to reflect current state of the code-base.
      - A level design guide with a lot of information about the pitfalls.
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      Merge 'Display version in the bottom left corner' · b234f6a5
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      Closes #18
      See merge request !20
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      Display version in the bottom left corner · 1780f0f8
      Rahix authored
      Extract the current version from git during build-time and display it
      ingame in the bottom left corner.  Currently, this is done at WASM
      build-time so we might not capture changes to the www/ part which
      happened after a WASM build.  A possible solution would be to display
      a second version from JavaScript if we detect that the two are
      Fixes #18.
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      Merge 'CI Improvements' · a948c68e
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      See merge request !17
  2. 21 Dec, 2020 26 commits
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