1. 27 Dec, 2020 7 commits
    • Rahix's avatar
      Don't return to heaven immediately · 94fc5be2
      Rahix authored
      Show a banner message that a return to heaven is imminent and count down
      for 3 seconds before going back to heaven.  This makes the game flow
      a bit smoother as it provides an indication to the player that the
      challenge is completed now.
    • Rahix's avatar
      bottle_angel: Make sure we're only awarding hours once · 381ac328
      Rahix authored
      If the system were to run multiple times after all bottles were
      collected, it would add the hours to the player's counter multiple
      times.  Ensure this can't happen.
    • neosam's avatar
      Merge branch 'rahix/sprite-drop-points' into 'master' · 3947622b
      neosam authored
      Use sprites to draw bottle drop points
      See merge request !31
    • Rahix's avatar
      sprite: Add custom offsetting mechanism · c12ef4fe
      Rahix authored
      In case some entity needs its sprite to be offset from its position, add
      an `offset` attribute to the `Sprite` component which allows doing just
      The offset is a translation vector from the default position.  By
      default, a sprite is placed such that its center is located at the
      entities `Position`.
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      Merge 'Framerate and movement fixed' · 1651cea3
      Rahix authored
      Closes #19 and #20
      See merge request !32
    • Simon Goller's avatar
      Framerate and movement fixed · df971876
      Simon Goller authored
      The `Clock` now returns a constant `frame_delta` for each frame.
      To do this, it must be updated once in the `InGameState` on each
      This commit also fixes the diagonal movement speed by normalizing
      the movement vector.
      Fixes #19 and #20
    • neosam's avatar
      Merge branch 'rahix/update-time' into 'master' · 7f9c2534
      neosam authored
      gamestate: Pass frame timestamp to state update method
      See merge request !30
  2. 26 Dec, 2020 33 commits