Commit a66d413f authored by neosam's avatar neosam
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Merge branch 'cheat-magic' into 'master'

No more manually adding new cheats in index.ts

See merge request !56
parents 032d18b7 38d03eaa
......@@ -4,9 +4,9 @@ import "./styles.scss";
(window as any).cheats = {
set_sanity: wasm.cheat_set_sanity,
set_shifts: wasm.cheat_set_shifts,
get_player: wasm.cheat_get_player,
enable: wasm.cheat_enable,
(window as any).cheats = Object.assign(
.filter((f) => f.startsWith("cheat_"))
.map((f) => ({[f.substr(6)]: (wasm as any)[f]}))
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