Commit 66ecefe3 authored by Rahix's avatar Rahix 🦀
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heaven: Show remaining player sanity

Display how much sanity the player has left.
parent d0e87714
......@@ -27,6 +27,9 @@ impl HeavenState {
// Update the angel stats GUI elements
.set_inner_html(&format!("{}%", (player.sanity * 100.0).round() as usize));
.set_inner_html(&format!("{}", player.collected_hours));
......@@ -60,10 +60,12 @@
<g transform="translate(250, 800)">
<text x="0" y="-15" class="group-box-label">ANGEL STATS:</text>
<text x="30" y="30" class="stats-label">Collected hours:</text>
<text x="450" y="30" class="stats-number positive" id="heaven-collected-hours">?</text>
<text x="30" y="80" class="stats-label">Hours still needed:</text>
<text x="450" y="80" class="stats-number negative" id="heaven-needed-hours">?</text>
<text x="30" y="30" class="stats-label">Sanity remaining:</text>
<text x="450" y="30" class="stats-number health" id="heaven-sanity">?</text>
<text x="30" y="80" class="stats-label">Collected hours:</text>
<text x="450" y="80" class="stats-number positive" id="heaven-collected-hours">?</text>
<text x="30" y="130" class="stats-label">Hours still needed:</text>
<text x="450" y="130" class="stats-number negative" id="heaven-needed-hours">?</text>
<g transform="translate(1100, 300)">
......@@ -130,6 +130,10 @@ {
fill: #ffffff;
&.health {
fill: $typography-1;
&.positive {
fill: $typography-2;
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