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......@@ -57,6 +57,7 @@ the in-game world and a custom state-machine for managing the overall gamestate.
- `src/states/`: Game-states like _Heaven_, _In-Game_, _Main-Menu_, etc. The
most important one is probably `src/states/` which is where all the
ECS magic happens.
- `src/angel_shifts/`: Implementations of the different angel shifts.
#### `rust-web-modules/` - TypeScript helpers for Rust
Some things are just super ugly to do in Rust directly (anything related to the
......@@ -69,10 +70,13 @@ work.
- `www/src/_rc3-*`: Styles and Fonts for RC3
#### `www/resources/` - Sprites and Levels
- `www/resources/levels/` - Maps, see [Level Design](#level-design) for all the
gory details.
- `www/resources/sprites/` - Sprites for in-game entities. Sprites are loaded
via entries in `src/`.
## Build Dependencies
- `rustc` & `cargo` (duh ... best install them via [`rustup`])
- `rustc` & `cargo` **latest stable** (=1.48.0 as of now). Best install them via [`rustup`] ...
- [`wasm-pack`]
- `npm`
- (optional: [`cargo-watch`])
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