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heaven: Also display hours for the assigned shift

Tell a player how many hours they'll gain by doing a certain shift.
parent 58105613
......@@ -33,16 +33,18 @@
<text x="0" y="-15" class="group-box-label">ASSIGNED SHIFT:</text>
<rect x="0" y="0" width="600" height="500" class="group-box" />
<text x="30" y="30" class="flowtext-header">Collect empty bottes</text>
<foreignObject x="30" y="80" width="540" height="390" class="flowtext">
<div xmlns="">
<text x="30" y="30" class="flowtext-header" id="heaven-shift-title">Collect empty bottes</text>
<foreignObject x="30" y="80" width="540" height="315" class="flowtext">
<div xmlns="" id="heaven-shift-description">
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer
at felis egestas, tristique risus nec, pulvinar nisi. Nullam
tristique mi a arcu pellentesque hendrerit. Sed fermentum metus
vel lorem molestie tristique. Fusce tempor metus a nibh venenatis
varius. Integer ut consectetur ipsum, sit amet.
vel lorem molestie tristique. Fusce tempor metus a nibh.
<text x="30" y="440" class="stats-label">Shift hours:</text>
<text x="280" y="440" class="stats-number positive" id="heaven-shift-hours">?</text>
<g id="heaven-start-shift" transform="translate(1400, 880)" class="big-button button-1">
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