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Merge 'We support rotated colliders now'

See merge request !42
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......@@ -148,8 +148,8 @@ The level contains a number of layers which the game-engine expects to exist:
The `collider` layer defines static colliders for the map. Only the following
SVG elements may appear in this layer:
- `<rect />`: A rectangle collider (**Must not be rotated, this is not yet**
**supported!**). Created in Inkscape using the _Rectangle_ tool (shortcut: `R`).
- `<rect />`: A rectangle collider (may be rotated). Created in Inkscape using
the _Rectangle_ tool (shortcut: `R`).
- `<circle />`: A circular collider. Created in Inkscape using the _Ellipse_
tool (shortcut: `E`). **Careful**: Keep `CTRL` pressed while creating the
circle, otherwise you'll get an `<ellipse />` which is not supported.
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