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    fix(svg-level-loader): get rid of separate tsc run · 79d00f7a
    Sven Assmann authored
     - in order to get rid of the additional `npm run rust-web-modules` that did a `tsc` run for `svg-level-loader.ts` it needed to
       - change the `svg_loader.rs` to point to the folder where the `svg-level-loader.ts` is living
       - change the webpack config to handle `.ts` files
     - additionally the workflow is now also simplified by the help of the webpack plugin `WasmPackPlugin`
       - that takes care of `wasm-pack` and `ts` complication and listens for change
       - additionally it also listens for changes in `svg-level-loader.ts`
     - the README.md is now also reflecting this simplified workflow that only requires `cd www && npm run start`
     - pipeline also changed accordingly
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